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Elevate your business with high quality video at an affordable price.
Will Littleford of Skyview Media Solutions
About Me

My name is Will Littleford, and I am a Hertfordshire based videographer, drone pilot and video editor. I specialise in providing high-quality promotional videos tailored to business’s needs.
I created SkyView Media Solutions because I have a passion for film-making and understand the power of social media and how the two combined can elevate a business. Not only that but I understand how difficult it can be for a business to reach greater audiences without investing large sums of money. So, my budget-friendly rates makes professional video production accessible to businesses of all sizes, offering exceptional value without compromising on quality.
Companies I've worked with...
Recent Projects
Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club
Mel Loten, the manager of Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club, wanted a video that highlighted the facilities that the club had to offer, but through the eyes of a family. After I had discussed what the club wanted, I got to work on the pre-production. I began drawing up storyboards of how this video would look, ensuring it met the clubs requirements.

Once the storyboards were approved by Mel and the contracts were signed, I began filming. Due to the storyboards creation, everyone knew what was expected and the production flowed smoothly. Post production also flowed smoothly as everything was planned out. Once the club was happy with the final product, the payment was made and I transferred the video to them.

Sam from Barbers48 asked me if I could create a short promotional video for his incredible barber shop. As always I began drawing storyboards of my ideas for the video and once Sam approved them, we began work on filming. On the shooting day, filming went smoothly and we completed the shoot in under 2 hours. Sam and his clients had some fantastic suggestions that I was able to film on the spot and subsequently appear in the video.
Throughout the post production process I kept Sam up to date with the progress and soon after the final product was complete. Sam was a dream to work with and a very kind and honest person. I hope we can work again together in the future.
BW Elite Goalkeeping Coaching
This project was quite different to what I had shot before. Instead of creating storyboards in pre-production, everything had to be improvised on the day as this was a goalkeeping camp. So I arrived 30 minutes prior to the camp beginning and got a walk through of the day by Ben and began setting up my gear.
The weather was truly against us with powerful winds and constant rain but I still managed to capture the best moments of the day. After 3 and half hours of on and off shooting, I had all the footage I needed to turn the day into a 60 second video. Ben loved the final product so much that he has now hired me to film 2 extra training camps with him in April 2024.
Contact Me

Do you have any questions or a new project in mind? Don't hesitate to reach out! I am readily available to provide advice and a complimentary, no-obligation quote for your latest venture. Simply complete the form below and I will promptly get in touch with you.

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